I don’t know about you, but by the beginning of May, you can stick me with a fork because I’m done. I’m tired. I’m worn out from all the curricular AND extracurricular activities. I’m barely hanging on, and the words you’ll hear most often from my mouth those days are, “just skip it!” My homeschooling mojo has left the building. My inspiration lies wet and soggy somewhere underneath a pile of once shiny-new ideas. I need a pick-me-up, and a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino with almond milk just won’t do.

I’ve been through this before. Many times. Here are three things that have helped me most with homeschool burnout (in order).

Stop Feeling Guilty

I know you feel it. You can’t deny it. We homeschool moms are the ones who begin each year with our polished new ideas and clean schedules and high hopes. When we get to May and are reminded of all the ways in which our ideas didn’t pan out, we feel awful. It’s to be expected. But guilt (or remorse or regret) just don’t serve us. Throw those feelings away and replace them with a mind open to learning why those ideas didn’t pan out. For me, it’s usually because of one of these three things:

  1. I lost my momentum and didn’t hold myself and my kids accountable
  2. I over scheduled. My eyes for curriculum and activities were bigger than my clock and calendar
  3. Some of the plan just wasn’t right for my kids

It’s all okay. We learn as we go. Isn’t that what we tell our children? We do, too. And it’s all good. It is!

Talk to Everyone

Talk to your spouse, your partner, or a trusted friend. Reach out to your homeschool evaluator. (I LOVE my job as a homeschool consultant and evaluator, because I am fortunate enough to be able to tell my families over and over again, “It’s okay. We all go through it” and that helps me. Talk to your kids. Talk to everyone!

Go over your plan for the past year with your kids and get their input. This is invaluable for making a new plan for the next year. Examine what did and didn’t work. Make two lists: One for what DID work well and one for what didn’t go as planned. Revamp the old and let this examination bring forth a new, improved plan.

Attend a Conference

I’ll be honest. In the first years of my homeschooling, I didn’t attend any conferences. I thought I had so many years of experience in the classroom, and so many inservice hours attending educational conferences, that I didn’t really need anything to help me get started. And that may have been true at the beginning. But once my girls got into the upper elementary years, I began attending every conference I could. I love to learn and gather ideas from any/every one and there is nothing better to reinsure you than to come away from a conference with fresh new ideas.

I consider conferences my new inservice hours. Online conferences, for me, are best, although I do enjoy the hustle and bustle of our giant local conference. Online conferences have more benefits for me though. I can review videos again and again (and I have, many times), and I can take notes at my own pace while listening. In fact, just yesterday, I watched videos from a conference I attended last fall about homeschooling high school. I can never learn enough, and I like to learn at my own pace, when I have a few quiet, uninterrupted moments.

This year, I’m a speaker for the amazing one-ofa-kind 2018 Homschool Moms Conference. You’ll find me in the work-from-home track! I think this is the biggest online conference so far!

The conference includes:

100+ Sessions and over 50 Speakers in the Homeschool track

50+ Sessions and over 30 Speakers in the Work-at-home/Blogging track

Also–600+ years of combined homeschool experience and 200+ combined years of work-at-home experience!

All conference attendees also receive:

  • lifetime access to all conference sessions
  • a digital swag bag valued at over $1000
  • access to the online vendor hall with 40+ vendors offering exclusive conference discounts from publishers you know and love like Apologia, BJU, Sonlight, and Notgrass History
  • access to the conference community group full of fun, fellowship, giveaways
  • You’ll be entered to win our giveaway – free all-access pass

I encourage you to sign up for this, and as a thank you for supporting me, I am doing a giveaway! I’ll be refunding the full purchase price to one lucky winner who has already signed up.

To enter you must do two things: 1. Become a part of our community by adding your name and email below, and 2. Purchase your ticket by June 10th. The presale price is good this week – $25 for BOTH tracks. This makes the conference less than $0.50 per session. How can you go wrong?

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