Is this how it begins? With the discovery of one small toad, one dead butterfly, one dried up worm? Does knowing that you are now fast enough (and brave enough!) to catch those toads, and lizards, cause the obsession, because my daughter is obsessed with collecting, caring for, and learning about, tiny animals.

Did you know that not all tadpoles are the same? The black ones turn into toads, green ones, into frogs. My daughter has collected toad tadpoles, which does not surprise me given the number of baby toads that descend upon our pool each spring and summer.

I had the book Pets In A Jar from my days in the classroom and so I brought it out and dusted it off.

I know mothers with boys are probably used to this but I’m finding my daughter’s drive to learn about all these tiny critters just fascinating. Sure, I caught a few frogs as a child and loved to watch the parade of ants as they carried a grain of sand in their mouth while forging their way into a new hole in the ground, but I don’t remember wanting to keep this pets well . . . as pets.

So far my daughter is caring for: 2 tiny wasp larvae (their location right now is unknown to me), a few hundred tadpoles, 20 worms, (her own mini worm composting bin!), 3 lizards, a dozen snails, one moth caterpillar, and 5 now-in-metamorphosis painted ladies. Did I remember them all? I may be leaving some out.

Seriously. Is there a better use for a punch bowl?

Seriously.  Is there a better use for a punch bowl?

I posted a request for large, restaurant-style glass jars on freecycle. I hope someone answers quick!

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