How Mentoring Can Benefit Your Homeschool
My mentoring program is designed to inspire you to think outside the box while I help you:

1. …meet the needs of your individual children
2. …discover the learning styles of your children, as well as your personal style 
3. your own needs while tending to the rest of your family’s needs
4. …overcome your fears (we ALL have them)
5. …get “unstuck” when you feel like something needs to change, but you don’t know WHAT that something is
6. …manage your time 

Here’s what my mentoring program won’t do:

1.  I won’t choose your curriculum for you.  I will, however, make suggestions as to how you can best meet the individual needs of your children
2.  I won’t persuade you to buy into any one particular philosophy.  Homeschooling takes many forms, and you can mix and match philosophies as well as curriculum. 

Read my testimonials page, and schedule your first appointment by clicking on the calendar below.  
The monthly mentoring fee is only $10 per month for a 30-minute session!

Before each session I ask you to email me ahead of time with questions and thoughts that you’d like to discuss during our call.  This helps us make the most of our phone time together. 

There is no obligation.  You may sign up for the program and cancel online at any time.    

Take advantage of our Back to School Rates which are good through September 1st!  

Monthly Mentoring FAQs

New to Homeschooling

My family thinks I’m crazy!

​I’m not a teacher – how will I know what to do.

My children probably won’t listen to ME as their teacher.

I’m afraid my kids won’t have any friends.
​What if I fail?

What is Unique About Middle School?


Our elementary homeschooling days were full of fun, field trips, and arts and crafts. My kids are entering middle school soon.  Do I need a new plan?

How much will my children need to know BEFORE the enter high school?

You say that it’s possible to SKIP middle school?!  Wait.  What?

Kids Need More – But What?

My son seems bored. Should I keep pushing him?

Every time we sit down to read my daughter cries. 

​I hate to spend hours a day doing math. What can we do to make it more fun?

High School – Don’t Panic!


 I haven’t kept any records or grades yet. Now what do I do?

How do I keep track of credits?

Can I create my own high school transcript?

What if my kids want to do dual-enrollment? I have heard so much conflicting information, my head is spinning!

The Benefits of Monthly Mentoring Sessions
Can’t I just join a bunch of groups and get advice from people that way?

Of course you can, and you should. However, just like you probably discovered when you were pregnant, everyone has an opinion. Opinions are great, and obviously new perspectives are necessary to help us grow as homeschooling parents and as human people in general, but the opinions you hear will apply to the person giving the advice and their family.  The needs of your children may be vastly different.  

As you know, searching online, and joining and reading online homeschool groups can be a huge time void. We homeschooling parents must manage our time better and more efficiently than ever. I can help you. Instead of spending countless hours searching online groups for answers, simply make an appointment with me, and email me some thoughts and ideas about what you’d like to discuss before we actually talk.  This way we will both have time to think things through and make the best use of our time together. 

I have worked with hundreds of families over the last nine years, and have lots of experience with different homeschooling styles. I know first-hand what the needs of a homeschooling mom can be.  I’m a homeschooling mom too – since the beginning!  I have two middle school-aged daughters.  My eldest took her first high school course this summer.  We are “skipping middle school” and you can too. I’ll show you how.

I understand kids.  As a teacher for almost 20 years, I have worked with students in both public, private and homeschool settings of all ages.  I understand how kids learn, what makes them excited, what makes them shut down, and how to help kids with special needs.  When I was teaching in the public schools, my specialties were teaching young kids to read, and teaching the “hard to handle” kids that others had difficulty with.  My master’s degree is in education.

Having that one person you can go to, who knows you and your kids intimately, and who understands the dynamic that goes on in your homeschool is key to having a great mentoring partnership.  I have heard from countless families that the mentoring calls that they have with me have brought them peace and inspiration which ultimately leads to helping kids!

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