I’ll be the first to admit that my high school education was not exactly the best, whether it be because I was too busy socializing, or because it was ranked at the bottom third (quarter?) of high schools in the state I grew up in.  I can blame both the educators and myself I guess.  

It wasn’t until I went to college, and more specifically grad school, that I understood all that my previous years of education lacked. I am an educator myself, and as such, a “lifelong learner”. Aren’t we all: especially we as homeschooling parents?

I remember learning about Darwin in high school.  I liked him. I thought his ideas were interesting, a bit radical and sort of adventurous.  I never considered that his ideas would be vehemently debated. I never knew knew that some people would choose to lose friends over this debate until I moved from the Northeast to the Southern part of the country and began homeschooling.  

My family and I visited Noah’s Ark in Kentucky this past summer and it was awesome and amazing. I read a lot about the differences between the theories there, and even bought a book about it which is still unread.  

This post isn’t intended to spark a nasty debate, though.  I just like to dialogue and share things here on this blog. Why haven’t I read the book I picked up at the Noah’s Ark gift shop?  I think it is because as a high school teacher of literature, I understand the use of figurative language. I appreciate when, and how, it is used.  I see figurative language a lot in the Bible. Additionally, as a “science girl”, I suppose I interpret things with a mindset of “what else?” rather than, “I accept this at face value.”  

Anyway, I thought this blog post by eclectic-homeschool.com was worth sharing. I know there are others like us out there! 

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