Homeschool Speaker

Do you have a homeschooling conference coming up? I’d love to speak at your event!

I have 25+ years as a teacher of all ages and subject areas and 10+ years of experience homeschooling and working with homeschooling families. My master’s degree is in Education and I’ve worked with hundreds of homeschooling, unschooling, lifeschooling, natureschooling families just like you!

I speak to homeschooling and parenting audiences on the following topics:

  • Matching Curriculum to Learning Styles including teaching about Multiple Intelligences
  • Strategies for Special Needs Students
  • How to Skip Middle School
  • Commonly Asked Questions About High School Transcripts
  • How to Manage Schooling Multiple Children and Ages
  • Giftedness – What To Do After Your Child Has Gotten “The Label”
  • Caring for You and Your Family Naturally by Using Homeopathic Medicines
  • The Brain Benefits of Going Gluten-Free
  • Contact me for more topics and more information.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

2019 Homeschool Mom Conference – Spring 2019

A New Year, Your Best Year, 2019 Conference for Moms – January 2019

Homeschool Moms Conference – Fall 2019

2018 Digital Homeschool Convention – Summer 2018



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