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Hi! I’m Terri Hedrick and I’m glad you stopped by to get to know a little about us! I’m a working, homeschooling and homesteading mom in search of joy and balance among the craziness of life. I’m married to Bob, the man I waited a long time for, and our two teenaged daughters.

My master’s degree is in Education and I am a homeschooling mom, homeschool consultant, coach and evaluator and I create online courses for homeschoolers with Our Happy Medium Academy.  I am an online instructor to public school students who hospital/homebound, and in both rehabilitation facilities and juvenile boot camps. I am passionate about teaching and encouraging both students and parents. It is the main mission of this blog.

Bob is an engineer/jack-of-all-trades who loves making art out of twisted metal and finding new and innovative ways to do things on the homestead. Together, we run Windy Ridge Creative, LLC, and blog about our lifestyle here at Our Happy Medium.

Our Happy Medium grew from a blog that Terri started almost ten years ago. That blog was all about how to homeschool in Florida. As the years went by, they both felt the need to share about other topics related to her family’s lifestyle, and from that Our Happy Medium was born.

Over the years, Terri and Bob and have become more conscious of living life in moderation.. They are both passionate, energetic people who want to jump right into things and “get ‘er done”. Experience has taught them to become more conscious of living life in moderation, not swaying too far to either extreme – hence the name of the new blog!

We hope you enjoy our stories, and we’d love to hear from you! Email us anytime:



Meet Annika – our singer/songwriter

Annika loves all things Harry Potter. She is a proud Hufflepuff who lives up to the reputation of being kind, just, loyal and hard-working. She loves handwork: crocheting, felting and sewing to name a few. She writes songs and plays piano. She also loves to cook and bake. The recipes you see here are mostly hers.

Meet Kate – our author and artist

It’s great to be Kate! One of Kate’s passions is writing fantasy, and she is now working on her third book. When Kate is not writing or drawing, you might find her deep in thought imagining all the new things her characters will do next! You will also find her outside playing with the dogs, cats, and chickens or up on top of her horse.

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