The Story of Advent Printable Pack

The Story of Advent Printable Pack
Advent is a season of joyful expectation. We know that sometimes waiting is difficult, so we’ve created this amazing Story of Advent pack to help you teach your children why waiting can sometimes be a good thing! Our pack will help keep your kids busy and engaged during this time of year.

In this 14-page pack you will find:

  • Learning in Context
  • Copy Work pages
  • Sight Word and Spelling Practice
  • Journaling pages
  • Read Aloud opportunities

We hope you enjoy your The Story of Advent Printable Pack. There are more surprises inside, so be sure to get yours today!

Tips for Celebrating Advent with Older Kids

Top Five Tips for Celebrating Advent With Older Kids
I’m guest posting today over at Life of a Homeschool Mom! Just because our kids are getting older, doesn’t mean that we have to stop the fun holiday traditions. Come on over and see my top five tips for celebrating Advent with older kids.

Included is a FREE Advent Activity printable geared toward the older kids.

Before you head on over to Life of a Homeschool Mom, be sure to grab our The Story of Advent Printable Pack for your little ones. This 14-page pack includes copy work, matching, sight word practice and much more.

We have something for everyone at Our Happy Medium!

Have a blessed holiday season. <3

Family Fun Weekend Activities That Don’t Cost You a Cent

When the time for weekend family activities rolls around, there’s absolutely no reason to spend money just to have fun. There are scads of things you can do that don’t cost you a cent. These are just a few of them.


If you’ve never considered volunteering as a family, there’s no better time to do so. With a little research, chances are you’ll come up with a long list of organizations that need volunteers. Soup kitchens and animal shelters are two very popular options. You may be surprised at what a fun family activity this can be!

Movie Marathon

With all of the streaming services currently available, it’s never been easier to have a free movie marathon complete with buttery popcorn, large cups of soda and Raisinets. It’s actually possible to watch several seasons of the same series in one weekend. Binge-watching at its very best!

Backyard Camping

One fun family activity is backyard camping. It doesn’t cost a cent and can be as luxurious or rustic as you want it to be. Add a sense of realism to the adventure, by declaring your house to be “off-limits” for the entire time. Consider turning off the Wi-Fi as well. This is a great opportunity to play board games that are gathering dust in the closet and to catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Off-Grid Weekend


Science Fiction for Middle Grade STEM Lovers

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Opportunities for middle-grade girls who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have been few and far between. Fortunately, more and more women are coming up with ideas for girls to become involved in these areas. Writer and educator Robin Stevens Paynes is one such woman. With her new science fiction series, Edge of Yesterday, Paynes inspires girls to live their dreams.

Girls Are Interested in STEM

According to a study by the Girl Scouts,  74 percent of girls report an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The problem starts when they decide to pursue a career—only 13 percent express an interest in STEM as their top career choice. The result is some 200,000 STEM jobs going unfilled annually in the United States despite the fact that women in STEM fields earn 35 percent more than their peers.

Payes says:

“This is why so many organizations have launched STEM initiatives for girls, including the Girl Scouts, NASA and the New York Academy of Sciences. While encouraging interest in STEM is important, what they are missing is the need to teach a growth mindset that will enable lifelong learning, instill purpose and teach the kind of grit that powers through life’s setbacks.”

Opportunities for Girls to Get involved in STEM Activities

Paynes has launched her media company Edge of Yesterday which includes this book series, a teaching curriculum and interactive website gamification modules, all designed to teach girls how to succeed in STEM and in life. (more…)

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