Waldorf-Inspired Curriculum

Many of you know that we are using the Enki Education curriculum. We are thrilled with the results that we see.  Sometimes I think I should blog solely about Enki and how much it has changed our lives!

Since Enki is Waldorf-inspired, I’ve been reading about Waldorf education and the writings of Rudolph Steiner again.  Fifteen years ago, when I was in graduate school learning about how children learn, I studied Steiner’s work. I studied the work of those who thought the primary importance was to teach kids how to become life-long learners. This is why I became an educator!

Many years passed between then and now and today. Enki has re-inspired me all over again and I know it can inspire you too. The best part of this is that I can bring what I believe in to my own children, the way I want to, and have FUN every day while doing so.

Remember What’s Important

For me, the Enki principles keep me grounded in my faith in knowing that we are doing is what’s best for our kids.  Keeping my eyes toward holistic education keeps me reverent.  It helps me remember what is important in our lives.

A Waldorf approach helps me to remember that family rhythms and the rhythms of nature are the foundation at this point in our homeschooling journey.  It helps me breathe deeply when I wonder if I am doing “enough” with my girls; if they should be enrolled in yet another extra-curricular activity; if we should be running around day to day from activity to activity just because so many others are doing so.

While Waldorf is not a “curriculum,” the principles of holistic learning and family centered education can be implemented in any home, at any time regardless of what curriculum you use.  It is my belief that incorporating any of the holistic principles in your life and home can only enhance it.

I hope this inspires you as well!


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