A Mathematician Tells Us What Math Is Really About

A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart is an eye-opening article on what mathematics is really about.  

Lots of food for thought here.  Once you are through reading you’ll be inspired to throw out everything you know about the teaching of mathematics and have some creative, artful fun with it.

If everyone were exposed to mathematics in its natural state, with all the challenging fun and surprises that that entails, I think we would see a dramatic change both in the attitude of students toward mathematics, and in our conception of what it means to be “good at math.” We are losing so many potentially gifted mathematicians—creative, intelligent people who rightly reject what appears to be a meaningless and sterile subject. They are simply too smart to waste their time on such piffle.

Homeschool Identification Card

Having your own official homeschool ID card can save you money on homeschool supplies, admission to parks and hotels and more.  Teachers can get discounts at places like Office Depot and Barnes & Noble, so why not homeschool teachers?

Well, now you can too!

I scoured the Internet looking for a decent, professional-looking and FREE homeschool ID template and I’ve found one here.

I printed our cards this weekend on heavy card stock and laminated them with clear contact paper.  They came out great!

The template is very user-friendly, and only took me a few minutes to print cards for our whole family.

This site is well worth browsing as it offers many other homeschooling freebies and discounts as well.


The Right To Control One’s Learning

Should we honor our children’s right to curiosity?  Their right to not only choose what they want to learn, but from whom they want to learn it?  

No human right, except the right to life itself, is more fundamental than this. A person’s freedom of learning is part of his freedom of thought, even more basic than his freedom of speech. If we take from someone his right to decide what he will be curious about, we destroy his freedom of thought. We say, in effect, you must think not about what interests and concerns you,  but about what interests and concerns us.

John Holt, child advocate and supporter of school reform thinks so.  Read more here and when you’ve finished, please comment and tell us your thoughts! ​

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